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How to Use Stop Motion with your Digital Camera

Learn about digital stop motion from commercial photographer Dan Bracaglia in this digital photography lesson from Howcast.


So one advantage of digital photography that a lot of people overlook is
the ability to make stopaction films with your digital camera. Whereas
when shooting film, film is really expensive. You're paying for each
frame. You can bang out a ton of digital photographs and it doesn't
cost you anything.

And the way that I did it was I mounted my camera, a camera very similar
to this, on a tripod. And this camera shoots somewhere around, we shot
it at somewhere around, five or six frames per second, and it just has a
really cool effect. And then afterwards, you pull all of those images
into a video editing program, something like Final Cut Pro, and layer
them all next to each other and set a length of time for them each to
appear, and you get a really cool, really easy stop action film.

So one important thing to remember if you're going to attempt to do a
stopaction film is the camera needs to be stabilized, whether it be on a
tripod, on a table. You don't want to be holding it because as you hold
down that shutter, if you're moving it, it's going to look really wonky
and it's not going to have a good effect at all.

One of the reasons I really like stopaction films, and I think they have
a really humorous quality to them, is, generally speaking, the entire
frame is remaining still, but one thing, whether it be a person or an
object, is slowly moving throughout it in intervals and it just has a
really cool effect. And you can do things like make yourself look like
you are floating down a set of stairs and other hilarious awesomely
great ideas like that.

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