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4 Outdoor Digital Photography Tips

Learn four outdoor photography tips from commercial photographer Dan Bracaglia in this video from Howcast.


One of the most popular styles of photography is outdoor nature
photography for obvious reasons - beautiful landscapes and just a really
great way to go out and bond with your camera and bond with nature.
However, there's a couple of really important things to remember if this
is something you're interested in.

One of them is, I always recommend traveling light. A camera like this
might be a little bit heavy to be carrying around all day in the woods
and if I were going out to shoot, let's say, antelope or elk or
something, I would remove this bottom portion and just keep it a little
bit lighter.

Another important thing to remember, and I mentioned this before, is to
bring something to cover your gear in case it starts to rain. When
you're out in nature or wherever it might be, you can't control the
elements and you want to be prepared for anything, so having a bag,
simply like a garbage bag, to put over your camera, can ensure that,
even if it does rain, you can still shoot by covering your gear and
cutting little holes in front of the lens.

Another important thing to remember when doing outdoor photography is
to have the right lenses. You know, a lens like this wouldn't particularly be
advantageous because it is one focal length and I can't zoom in on things.
I might use something like this instead which is a zoom lens. Zoom lenses are
great because you can bring things close while still being far away, so you
see a grizzly bear, you might not want to get super close to it, but
with a zoom lens you can get a great shot. These are just some tips on
shooting outdoors.


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