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5 Studio Photography Tips for Digital Cameras

Learn some studio photography tips from commercial photographer Dan Bracaglia in this digital photography lesson from Howcast.


Working for Popular Photography Magazine and a couple other magazines, I end up shooting a lot of studio stuff, mainly product photography. So these are just a couple of examples of just really simple lighting setups that are just really effective. This was shot with three lights, one on one side, one on the other side, and one coming straight in. And again, studio photography is really kind of about just tweaking and getting things just right. If you like to futz with things, if you're sort of OCD, it's really great for that because you could spend hours and hours lighting one product.

This is a single light set up. This is just a cell phone, just from above, kind of shot down on a piece of red paper. Really simple, again, really effective. This is the same thing. This is shot with three lights, one light on either side and one coming in. The one coming in had a blue gel, which is like a blue piece of cellophane, to give it a little bit of blue right here.

This one in particular is actually a composite of three images. And this, obviously, is not a studio product shot. This is a really goofy self portrait of myself and this was shot with three lights and actually a ring flash going around the lens. One light on either side and the ring flash right there. I just wanted to give it a very poppy, sort of caricature look.

The great thing about studio photography is that you can tweak it. You can really work with it to get it just right. Most of these were shot with flashes, off-camera flashes like the one here, obviously not connected, although some of these were shot with professional studio gear as well. Both are effective. These are a lot cheaper, but it just gives you a lot of options.

That's some of the basics of studio photography.

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