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4 Wedding Photography Tips, Tricks & Techniques

Learn four wedding photography tips, tricks, and techniques, from commercial photographer Dan Bracaglia in this digital camera lesson from Howcast.


There's a huge market right now for really good wedding photography, and for obvious reasons. It's a really special moment in people's lives and they want it documented. So another question we get a lot at Popular Photography is, "How can I take better wedding photographs?"

The best tip I could give would be have an itinerary. Sit down with the bride and groom before the wedding and have an itinerary of the shots they want you to get. And bounce ideas off of each other and just come up with a solid list of really easy shots that you can bang out through the course of the ceremony. That way you're going to get everything that they want plus all the other candids you get.

Another really great tip is to look for just really candid moments. They may not involve the bride and groom. It might be the grandmother or the aunt or the uncle. But just keep your eyes open for anything emotional, anything out of the ordinary, small details, things like that. Variety is always king. You know, the more you shoot the more great photos you'll get.

When I shoot weddings I like to shoot with two cameras in the same way that I would shoot maybe a photojournalism event with a wide angle and a zoom lens on one camera and a wide angle on the other. This just gives me more versatility to move around. So maybe the bride and groom are hugging. Shoot with a wide angle lens to get the full shot. Bring the zoom in to get maybe a close up of her ring on his back, something like that.

Another really important thing to remember is to have a ton of memory cards. The absolute worst situation you can be in is be halfway through the ceremony and have no photos left, no space left and be deleting them. Because chances are you're going to keep missing more and more moments.

So just make sure you're thoroughly prepared, you know, to spend the entire day shooting. And just shoot a lot. You know, get those special moments, because these are photographs that people are going to look back on for years and years and cherish. So, yeah, don't it up man.

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