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How to Learn Digital Photography with Dan Bracaglia

Learn about Dan Bracaglia, one of Howcast's digital photography experts, in this video.


Hi. I'm Dan Bracaglia. I'm a New York City commercial photographer and Web Editor at "Popular Photography" and "American Photo Magazine."

I began shooting photography on a daily basis somewhere around the freshman year of high school. Over the past ten years, I've really dipped my toes into every form of photography, everything from urban horticulture to wedding photography to product photography.

I was traditionally trained in photojournalism, specifically. I studied under a commercial shooter for a good year and a half, got into the magazine industry, and now I just do a little bit of everything.

I started freelancing with "The Star-Ledger," which is New Jersey's largest newspaper, shooting mainly rock and roll. I then began working with "Popular Photography" and "American Photo," reviewing and testing all the cameras that come out week to week, month to month, kind of just having the ear to the ground in the industry, all the newest technology.

"Popular Photography" is the world's largest photography magazine. It is the authority on camera testing, especially with digital photography. Everything's so instantaneous. Everything learned about editing and post production and lighting I got from just sitting in the studio for hours on end and just figuring it out myself.

I've been fortunate enough to photograph some pretty interesting people over the years. I've photographed President Obama on several different occasions, Bill Clinton, Sir Paul McCartney, Bruce Springsteen.

More recently, I put out a little book, a limited edition release, that coexists with my personal website,

Now I'm going to teach you a few basic things to help you get started in digital photography.

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