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inFamous 2 Walkthrough Part 2: Breaking Into New Marais

Check out this inFamous 2 walkthrough and beat "Breaking Into New Marais" with this online demo.


Kuo: Hello, Cole. You know, when you go to talk to Wolfe, everything is going to become completely... Zeke! Zeke! Cut the engines!

Cole: What's Up?

Kuo: Militia blockade. We get any closer and their artillery will sink us.

Cole: I guess it's time I go introduce myself.

Zeke: Wait up, man. Here she is.

Cole: And you're sure it's ready?

Zeke: I hope so. Give her a try!

Cole: I'll be damned.

Kuo: Well. What is that thing?

Zeke: I call it the Amp.

Cole: Good work, Zeke.

Zeke: Thanks, brother! Go have some fun!

Cole: This is gonna make a hell of an impression.

Hey, Kuo, does the NSA even know what you're up to with me?

Kuo: I took a leave of absence.

Cole: Why is that? I mean, you seem pretty by the numbers.

Kuo: The NSA plans to deal with the Beast by deploying the military. Wolfe has a better plan: you. He invented Ray Sphere technology. You want enough power to defeat the Beast, he's your man.

Cole: Hey Zeke, this Amp's gonna work out just fine.

Zeke: All right! Hey, put a couple of notches on it for me, man.

Kuo: Expect more resistance. The Militia controls everything going in or out of New Marais.

Cole: God, how could they let a bunch of hick fascists take over their city?

Kuo: People do strange things when they're afraid.

Zeke: Hey man, you okay? Sounded...

Cole: Nice.

Kuo: Cole, looks like you could lower that bridge if you give it some power.

Cole: Beats swimming.

Kuo: Just don't overcharge it. A fire could blow up the entire village.

Cole: Yeah it could. I could take all these guys out at once.

Kuo: Oh yeah, and the women, and the children, and the pets.

Zeke: Keep it up!

Kuo: That did it. It's gonna blow.

Zeke: Dang.

Kuo: What have you done.

Zeke: Things tend to blow up around him. You get used to it.

Man 1: Help us.

Zeke: You know, healing these folks will help win them over. That's assuming you don't keep blowing up their homes.

Man 2: He ain't human. Kill him!

Kuo: Cole, move, move!

Cole: Their mortar's out of commission, but I bet there's more Militia hiding out up ahead.

Kuo: Okay. Let us know when it's clear.

Man 3: Friends, let's put something to rest right now.

Cole: All right, now we're moving.

Man 4: Don't let them into town!

Cole: What the hell happened to these people? Okay guys, clear to dock.

Kuo: Nice, we will come to you and then head out for Wolfe's lab.

Zeke: Militia sure has changed this town, ain't nothing like it used to be, remember?

Cole: Yeah. Yeah I remember New Marais. Came here four years ago while learning how to climb. After the flood half the buildings were abandoned. It was a haven for urban exploration. Hell, even Zeke manned up and gave it a try. Oh, it was great. See in any other city, you start to climb, you got maybe ten minutes before the cops show up. But here, well, the police had their hands full with other things. Place was lawless, it was raunchy and except for the hangovers it was goddamn heaven. But not anymore. Now these redneck assholes strut up and down the street eyeballing everybody looking for deviants to punish. Tension's thick. People here... they're ready to explode. Somewhere in this gorgeous corpse of a town is the key to amping up my powers. These pricks, they're going to try to get in my way, try to kill me to keep their town pure. I say bring it.

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