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inFamous 2 Walkthrough Part 3: Forward Momentum

Check out this inFamous 2 walkthrough and beat "Forward Momentum" with this online demo.


Kuo: Zeke, you move that boat at the first sign of trouble.

Zeke: Aye-aye, Super Spy!

MacGrath: Why, you expecting a little action?

Kuo: Well, the whole town is going to be on high alert thanks to your little massacre in the swamp.

MacGrath: I didn't see you complaining when I got the boat through in one piece.

Kuo: You know what, Cole, you have so much power. Next time, use it wisely, and do me a favor, don't forget what it's like to be human.

MacGrath: but I'm not... human... am I? Not anymore. You don't understand what it's like, but you're right. I do have powers, and I'll use them.

Kuo: Fine, fine, let's just forget about this and move onto business, but can you just not mention this when I take you to meet Wolfe? It's embarrassing.

Kuo: Hey, Dr. Wolfe, I'm back in town. I have MacGrath.

Wolfe: Good, very good. Unfortunately, I have a bit of bad news.

Kuo: What? Are you all right?

Wolfe: Yes, but the Militia searched my lab this morning and discovered the Blast Core I'd been hiding.

Kuo: Okay, stay in your lab. We'll swing by the West Lookout and see if we can get it back.

Man 1: It's him!

MacGrath: Damn!

Kuo: Hit him with a grenade!

MacGrath: That's right, suckers.

Kuo: Let's move.

Huh, do you mind clearing the way? Nice, the West Lookout's just up ahead.

Man 2: Die, freak!

MacGrath: I love this town.

Kuo: Let's go.

Wolfe: Kuo. The Militia are back, they're trying to force the door to my lab.

Kuo: Listen, Wolfe. I'm on my way. MacGrath, you're on your own. The Blast Core glows purple, you cannot miss it.

MacGrath: I'll find it. Go help Wolfe.

Man 2: It's the Electric Man! Open fire!

Man 3: Fire in the hole!

Woman 1: Somebody, help!

Man 4: I know Wolfe's in trouble, but you've got time for this... right?

Woman 2: I'm not a freak, I swear!

MacGrath: Kuo, Wolfe, I'm pretty sure I found it. Still at the lab?

Wolfe: McGrath. The Shards, they're... Oh, God!

Kuo: Wolfe? Wolfe!

MacGrath: I'm on my way.

Man 2: It's the Demon!

MacGrath: Wolfe? Wolfe!

Wolfe: MacGrath!

MacGrath: Dr. Wolfe.

Wolfe: My God, you look just the same.

MacGrath: Same as who?

Wolfe: Kessler, the man who gave you your powers.

MacGrath: I know who Kessler is.

Wolfe: At the beginning we were friends. He told me all about his plans for you, and the Beast.

MacGrath: Then you know I failed. I couldn't stop it. Empire City is gone.

Wolfe: Yes, and it won't stop unless you expand your abilities and become powerful enough to use this.

MacGrath: Another Ray Sphere.

Wolfe: No, a Ray Field inhibitor. I call it the R.F.I. Think of it as an anti-Ray Sphere.

MacGrath: So instead of giving powers, it takes them away.

Wolfe: Precisely. With that device, you can combat the Beast, subtract his abilities. Keep it safe.

MacGrath: Yeah. What about... what about this?

Wolfe: Ah, Blast Cores. They power the R.F.I. They're batteries for the same energy that fuels all genetic mutation. Pass a current through it, and its energy will release into the nearest Conduit.

MacGrath: Whoa, so this is going to make me stronger?

Wolfe: Oh Lord, yes, and that's just the first. Together we will defeat the Beast!

MacGrath: Oh, enough with the pep-talk, Wolfe. Let's do this.

Man 3: Yeah, that's right! Run, bitches!

MacGrath: What happened?

Man 3: Militia came back, starting to haul you guys away. Kuo's still off chasing the fellas with Wolfe. So, uh... what happened? That old guy slip you a roofie?

MacGrath: No, no. I actually think I might have a new power.

Man 3: Really? Come on, let's see what you got. Strut your stuff, peacock.

MacGrath: Yeah, that works.

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