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inFamous 2 Walkthrough Part 4: Lost and Found

Check out this inFamous 2 walkthrough and beat "Lost and Found" with this online demo.


Kuo: I'm tracking the guys who took Wolfe, but it's gonna take a while. In the meantime, Cole, I think you should salvage some of the fallout from Wolfe's lab. We want to get to it before the Militia. I spotted one of Wolfe's carrier pigeons up near the top of the clock tower. I need you to get it.

Cole: Sure, but why?

Kuo: Well, when Wolfe was undercover with the First Sons, he used messenger birds to smuggle reports to his NSA contact. Which was me.

Cole: So, he's not like your significantly older boyfriend, or something like that.

Kuo: I think the term that you're looking for here is father figure.

Cole: Hey, it's cool. I'm not gonna judge you.

Kuo: There's no need to kill it. You got any stun type powers?

Cole: Got you.

Zeke: Hey man, you climbed all the way up there, you might as well come down with style.

Kuo: Good. Now, there should be a thumb drive attached to the collar. Plug it into your phone. I've already sent you the encryption key.

Wolfe: Agent Kuo. I feel quite confident that only you will be able to decode these messages, and that they'll prove to be invaluable evidence in your case against the First Sons. The world needs to learn about what's happened. Efforts must begin immediately to repair the damage done by the Ray Sphere. Damage for which I am ultimately to blame. Share these recording with your contact in Empire City, time is short.

Kuo: It's a good start. I saw a whole flock of these birds escape from Wolfe's lab after it blew.

Cole: All right. I'll keep my eyes open.

Kuo: Yeah. While you're at it, I spotted some Rayacite fragments near the tower.

Cole: Ray-a what?

Kuo: You know, the chunks of earth irradiated during Ray Sphere testing. Wolfe seemed to think you would know what to do with them.

Cole: Right. We called them Blast Shards.

Kuo: What the hell just happened, Cole.

Cole: My body absorbs their energy. A couple more Blast Shards and I'll be ready to store more power.

Kuo: Well those things could be anywhere. Wolfe's collection went sky high when the lab blew.

Cole: It's all right. I'll find them. Hey listen, in that recording, Wolfe mentioned you had a contact up in Empire City.

Kuo: You knew him. Actually his name was John White.

Cole: No way.

Kuo: The NSA had a vague idea of what Conduits were. They scanned every single field agent, and both John and I had the gene. We were logical choices to infiltrate the First Sons, so he was assigned to Empire City and I got New Marais. We worked together to maintain our covers.

Cole: What did John tell you about me?

Kuo: After the blast his reports got a little sketchy, it all got kind of hard to believe. Of course, now that I've seen you and the Beast...

Cole: Yeah. The world's taken a turn for the strange all right.

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