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inFamous 2 Walkthrough Part 5: Karma’s a Bitch

Check out this inFamous 2 walkthrough and beat "Karma’s a Bitch" with this online demo.


Zeke: Hey. Remember back when we came here the first time, and I got involved with some unsavory characters?

Cole: Yeah, yeah. A little penicillin. It all cleared up.

Zeke: Well. Now it's your turn. Couple of them still had my number. They're looking for some help from "The Electric Man".

Cole: Oh, God.

Zeke: I guess you're famous, pal. Even in the ass end of the south.

Female: A week ago, the most catastrophic incident on American soil occurred in downtown Empire City. What again is a series of alleged explosion soon escalated into a city wide devastation and what is now being called the empire event. Today Empire City lies in ruins. No official numbers have been released but the latest estimates put the death toll in the millions. The nation mourns and we were all left craving answers. What caused this sudden destructions? Is the United States under attack? NSA Director Houston is leading an official investigation into the Empire event. He says their findings so far have been inconclusive. As a precaution the nation's armed forces have been placed in high alert and thousands of troops have been recalled from overseas to respond to the crisis. Whether the threat comes from terrorist extremists or some new kind of natural phenomenon, one thing is clear: the threat is ongoing and continues to move south along the east cost leaving a path of devastation wherever it goes.

Zeke: Hey man, word is out. I got contacted by a cop and a junkie.

Cole: Wow! That's quite a fanbase.

Zeke: These people take you seriously, man. Helping them out will send a message. Look, New Marais is a fresh start for us. It's a clean slate.

Cole: Okay, all right.

Zeke: Hey, these people pay attention. Especially when you got lightning coming out of your hands.

Cole: Karma's a bitch. I get it.

Zeke: Whatcha gonna do?

Cole: I'm gonna send a message.

Male 1: These two scumbag brothers are Militia spies. I caught one so you can make an example of him, the other's hiding in the swamp.

Male 2: Pain is killing me.

Male 2: Whatcha gonna do, freak?

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