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inFamous 2 Walkthrough Part 7: Bertrand Takes the Stage

Check out this inFamous 2 walkthrough and beat "Bertrand Takes the Stage" with this online demo.


Kuo: Well, I'm glad you're making progress, Cole, because I'm not. I lost the trail on Wolfe and the clock is ticking. Once the Militia get what they want out of him he's as good as dead.

Zeke: We ain't gonna take down the Beast without that guy, he's the whole reason we're here.

Kuo: Calm down, If we can get Bertrand to talk he'll know where Wolfe is.

Zeke: Who?

Kuo: Joseph Bertrand, the leader of the Militia. He's an elusive guy most of the time. But tonight he's giving a speech in front of St. Ignatius.

Zeke: Don't think we got a choice. We need to grab that fella after his speech and find out where he's hiding Wolfe.

Cole: Okay, time to meet Mr. Bertrand. Zeke, I'm in position for the rally, but I'm going to stay out of sight until Bertrand takes the stage. I'll meet you inside.

Zeke: Low profile, got it.

Bertrand: My friends, tonight we face the gravest threat that this fair city has ever seen. The devil walks among us, Cole MacGrath, the Electric Man is here in New Marais. I know, I know...

Zeke: Yeah. Go, Bertrand.

Cole: What'd I miss?

Zeke: Basically Bertrand's been telling everyone that you're the devil.

Cole: Oh, nice.

Bertrand: Our forefathers bled and died in defense of this city. When history called upon them to stand against the enemy! Did they cower? No! They fought! To the last man.

Zeke: Let's get the hell out of here, figure something else out.

Cole: Whoa, whoa, whoa, we gotta do this now, man. Otherwise he's going to kill Wolfe. You don't have to stay here, Zeke.

Zeke: Hey, man. I ain't going nowhere.

Bertrand: My men, these fine young men are the guardians of this city. And they are all that stands between you and the freaks! And as God is my witness we shall hunt them down and destroy them all!

Man: Up there! Freaks!

Bertrand: You know what to do.

Cole: Get out of my way! Devil's coming though!

Woman: He's trying to save us!

Man: MacGrath's attacking the monsters! Kill them all! We don't want your help freak!

Zeke: Hey, man. Bertrand's heading for his limo, but you can still catch him!

Bertrand: Another time, MacGrath!

Cole: I can't keep with him on foot. I'm going to need to get to some higher ground.

Come on! About time you and I have a chat.

Bertrand: I got nothing to say to you, freak.

Cole: Cut the crap. You're gonna take me to Wolfe. Now!

Bertrand: Wait, wait. If I were you, I'd be more worried about my head.

Cole: What the hell? This is your town, man! Yeah! Yeah! Hit me in the head again!

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