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inFamous 2 Walkthrough Part 9: Wolfe Hunt

Check out this inFamous 2 walkthrough and beat "Wolfe Hunt" with this online demo.


Kuo: Hey, Cole, you know what, I hit up all my old connections. But the closest I have come to finding Wolfe is Bertrand's interrogator. Now the guy's currently winning it really big at Black Jack, but he should be visiting Wolfe later on. I would tail him myself, but he just hit on me at the bar.

Cole: All right, send me the casino's location. I can follow this guy from the rooftops and he'll never see me. People don't look up.

Kuo: Ah, good call.

Cole: All right, I'm in position above the casino. Let me know when our guy's on the move.

Kuo: Might be a while. He's still doing pretty well at the table.

Okay, he's on the move. Stay out of sight.

Cole: Once I find where they're keeping Wolfe, how are we going to get him out?

Kuo: I've appropriated one of the Militia's trucks.

Cole: Special Agent Kuo, isn't stealing cars illegal?

Kuo: Section 150 of the Federal Penal Code stipulates that a law enforcement officer is authorized to commandeer a civilian vehicle in order to catch a suspect, escapee, or prevent a crime.

Cole: Penal Code. The interrogator's heading into the tan house on 8th street.

Kuo: Getting a vehicle out of that area won't be easy. The Militia set up roadblocks all along the canal.

Cole: Okay. You head in and get Wolfe. I'll break up the roadblocks.

Kuo: Okay. Work fast.

Cole: First roadblock's clear. I'm headed for the second.

Kuo: Good. I'm almost in the house. Now this is going to move fast, Cole. Be ready.

Cole: That's going to cost you. Big ass, filthy mole monsters. For once, I am not the biggest freak in town.

Kuo: Cole, I got Wolfe. We're moving for the truck.

Cole: I'll see you there.

Kuo: You're going to want to hurry. I think we tripped an alarm on the way out.

Come on, let's go! Jump in the back!

Cole: Dr. Wolfe. Glad you're still in one piece.

Dr. Wolfe: More or less. Bertrand's interrogation methods can be quite creative.

Kuo: He tortured you? What did you tell them?

Cole: Hey, we need to go. Plenty of time for talk later.

Bertrand: Stealing from the Militia. That's a hanging offense in New Marais.

Dr. Wolfe: Bertrand?

Kuo: Keep him away from us!

Cole: Okay, Wolfe. They just put a lot of effort into making you dead. What is it they don't want you talking about?

Dr. Wolfe: Bertrand had funded me to make something for him, a device that would solve both our problems. The Blast Cores were just the start.

Bertrand: We will not allow Dr. Wolfe to play for the other team!

Kuo: Oh no!

Cole: The pain of impact. God, it was like a small death. Couldn't do a damned thing as the Militia carried Kuo away, but at least she was alive. Wolfe? He was gone. And without him to guide me to more Blast Cores, I won't be far behind.

Hell, at that point, just crawling my way into the storm drain was a trial. That thing from Empire City, I can feel it. It's coming for me. Now I've got no way to fight back.

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