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inFamous 2 Walkthrough Part 11: Desperate Times (2 of 2)

Check out this inFamous 2 walkthrough and beat "Desperate Times (2 of 2)" with this online demo.


Nix: There's a militia lynch mob, this way. Never thought I'd be running with the Demon. We're going to have some fun, Cole. This way, man. Do it. Light them up, man. That was good, but what's up on the roof's better. Just got to be a little sneaky about getting up there. Shoot them. You come here, help me lift. You're going to like this. Now, man. That's right. Kill them, man. Sweet. Come on. Come on, Demon. Bye, bye. Bitches. Shoot them. Come on, man. Show them, baby. Fry them, man. Fools. Come on. Spark the banners, man. Do it. Where are you going to run? Just a few more baby. Yeah. Oh yeah, baby. You were, damn. Oh yeah, Here it is. Mr. Pretty. Am I gonna see you again?

Cole: Call me. We got a little something in common. Unbelievable.

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