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inFamous 2 Walkthrough Part 13: Torn (1 of 2)

Check out part 14 of this inFamous 2 walkthrough and beat "Torn" with this online demo.


Zeke: I tell you guys, spying on this Militia, man, it's taken years off my life, but boy is it worth it.

Cole: You found out where they're keeping Kuo.

Zeke: Bertrand's got all his veterans protecting an old cane plantation. Word is they got all the serious "deviants" caged up in there.

Nix: That's the place with the streetcar out front, yeah?

Cole: That's the one.

Nix: I got an idea. We fill the streetcar up with explosives, we get it going real real fast, we ram it through the front door, and boom!

Cole: Fire will make a great diversion.

Zeke: But, folks left caged up there will be burned alive.

Cole: Come on, Zeke. I mean if we do this thing with any sort of precision, we're gonna need a much bigger team.

Zeke: Militia's been parading around cages full of cops. These guys used to fight against them.

Cole: You figure we break them out, give them guns?

Nix: Wait, wait, wait. Free cops? No, no, no. If we do, that I'm out.

Zeke: Think about it, Cole, putting some ex-cops back on the street? Hell that could pay off in the long run.

Nix: Screw that, man! Don't you want to see that place burn, baby? I know you do.

Zeke: Whatever. It's your call, chief.

Come on, Cole. You don't want to light that plantation on fire, people might be chained up in there. Think about it, man.

Cole: And I thought I was a pyro.

Nix: You know what they say. Bigger is better.

Cole: How'd you know I was going to pick your plan over Zeke's?

Nix: Cause you're smart. Cops are just as bad as Militia. Bunch of assholes who think they in the right cause they got guns.

Cole: What'd they do to you?

Nix: Come on, Cole. Let's just get this thing rolling. Zap the motor, man. Here we go. Go, man! Chumps. So, Cole, how'd you do it up in Empire City, man?

Cole: What do you mean?

Nix: News made it sound like you owned the place. What's your secret?

Cole: Act like a hero long enough, and people will start believing you are one.

Nix: Come on, Demon! Kill them, man! Ramming speed, man. Plantation's just ahead!

Cole: Here we go.

Nix: So beautiful.

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