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inFamous 2 Walkthrough Part 15: Powering Up Ascension Parish

Check out this inFamous 2 walkthrough and beat "Powering Up Ascension Parish" with this online demo.


Cole: Okay, Zeke, I think I found it.

Zeke: All right, now somehow the Militia managed to isolate that transformer from the rest of them over in Ascension Parish.

Cole: Maybe I could bridge this one to the next one.

All right, Zeke, I got the next transformer going.

Zeke: Good, get on over to it pronto. It'll take a while for the voltage to build, and the Militia are sure to try to shut that thing down before the relays reset the condenser.

Cole: Really, "Relays reset the condenser"?

Zeke: Hey man, you went college prep. I took shop classes. So, who's the dummy now?

Cole: I hate being off the grid, makes me, I don't know.

Zeke: Careful in there, man. Hey, Cole. I picked up some Militia chatter on my squawk box. They are riled up like a bunch of fire ants, and they are headed right towards you.

Man 1: Get him before the transformer fires up, or we'll never get it off again.

Man 2: Get that thing turned off, or it will be on forever.

Cole: Ha, ha! One down, two to go.

Hey, how's Kuo doing?

Zeke: It's weird, man. Her skin's cold as a dead man's balloon knot. If I wasn't watching her breathe I'd swear she was dead.

Cole: You don't sound too worried.

Zeke: Actually, man, it reminds me of taking care of you after the blast in Empire. But me and Trish were worried sick for nothing.

Cole: Trish should've been worried. Saving me got her killed.


Man 2: Get that transformer offline, now!

Cole: Finally.

So, Zeke, you really think Kuo might have powers? You think she might like I was after the blast?

Zeke: I don't know, man, maybe. Hey, I'm sorry to have just brought up Trish like that outta nowhere. I know it's a sore subject.

Cole: It's fine. I live with my mistakes.

I could get used to this.

Man 1: Shut that thing down! It's life and death, boys.

Cole: Oh yeah, there we go.

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