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inFamous 2 Walkthrough Part 16: The Sacrifice

Check out this inFamous 2 walkthrough and beat "The Sacrifice" with this online demo.


Sara: Help! Somebody, help me! Oh my God! Somebody help!

Uncle Laroche? That you? No! No, no, no! We've got to find Uncle Laroche.

Cole: Why?

Sara: He is like you. He ain't afraid to fight the Militia.

Get down!

Man 1: That girl was an offering. Her death would have saved lives you idiot!

Cole: Jeez, what is it with you and these things?

Sara: Please, you healed me, you gotta heal them, too! They're friends, rebels. They work for my uncle fighting the Militia.

Man 2: Thanks man. I got your back.

Man 3: I owe you dude.

Man 4: I'll back you up anytime.

Man 5: Dang, I'd heard you ate babies not helped folks out.

Sara: Those guys will remember what you did for them.

Man 2: Ascension Parish is ours! Militia pigs!

Sara: Come on, Uncle holds court up ahead in Lee Park.

Laroche! You here?

Laroche: Sara! Sara.

Sara: It was so horrible. They tried to feed me to it.

Laroche: I understand why the Militia is making these sacrifices, but... not with my kin!

Sara: What? You knew about this?

Laroche: All right. You'll understand when your older.

Sara: I will not!

Laroche: Now don't... Sara, who you brung with you?

Sara: He saved me. There were hundreds of those monsters. He fought them all.
He can do stuff like you never seen.

Laroche: The Demon of Empire City.

Cole: Whoa. Easy. We both want the same thing here... pretty much. You want the Militia out of your house. I'm tired of getting shot at. What do you say we work together?

Sara: It's here!

Laroche: Now look, you don't have to prove that you're brave. That thing's too damn big, even for you!

Cole: Yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah.

Laroche: Do what I'm doing. Run!

Cole: Here we go. Felt that, did ya. Yes! Yeah!

Man 6: Yeah! Hell Yeah!

Sara: The monster's dead!

Man 6: He killed it.

Laroche: I still don't like what you're selling, but you've got my attention. Lord knows my boys think you can walk on water. Heal any of our wounded, and you'll see we know how to return a favor.

Cole: All right, it's a start.

Laroche: And, thanks for saving my niece.

Cole: No problem.

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