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inFamous 2 Walkthrough Part 18: Conduit, Not Human (2 of 2)

Check out this inFamous 2 walkthrough and beat "Conduit, Not Human" with this online demo.


Cole: Oh, boy.

Kuo: Ally oop! Give it to them! Knock them down! Shoot! It's on! You're set up! It's up!

Cole: I'm telling you, Kuo. The two of us working together: unstoppable. Hello, beautiful.

Kuo: So that was not so bad. Using powers.

Cole: I tell you, Kuo, you got a bright future as a deviant freak.

Kuo: Thanks for your help. I feel better.

Cole: Hey, you're going to get used to it, I promise.

Kuo: Maybe. I'll see you around, coach.

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