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inFamous 2 Walkthrough Part 21: Stories of the Past (2 of 2)

Check out this inFamous 2 walkthrough and beat "Stories of the Past" with this online demo.


Nix: Cole!

Cole: I know! I know!

Nix: Damn, man, they got more monsters than mosquitoes out here!

Cole: Maybe that's why the Militia are digging in. Trying to keep the swamp freaks out of the city.

Nix: Maybe.

Looks like another Militia camp. Go punish these fools so we can get moving.

Cole: My pleasure.

Poor bastards. Glad I wasn't here to see this play out.

Nix: Hey, man. I saw something moving on the far shore.

Cole: Oh, great.

Nix: Cole! Leave it alone and get back in the boat! We need to get the hell outta here!

Stay on board, man! Ain't nothing we can do but ride it out.

Cole: They're tearing the boat apart!

Nix: Sit tight! We almost there!

What was that?

Nix: A sign we getting close. Shut your mouth, and maybe it'll pass us by.

Think we're good.

Cole: What the hell was that thing?

Nix: Never stuck around to get a look. Anyhow we here. The real show's up ahead on foot.

Cole: Nix was dead quiet as she lead the way. Right out onto... I couldn't believe it. A little slice of Empire City. Through a pained voice Nix described what had happened here. She told me about Bertrand with the Ray Sphere and a ring of outcasts. They were prostitutes and swamp dwellers, anybody whose death he thought would go unnoticed. Nix watched as her family was swallowed up in the blast. Afterwards only the two of them remained. Clearly, Nix had been a Conduit, her body capable of absorbing the Ray Sphere energy, unleashing her powers. Same thing's gotta be true for that supposed human purist Bertrand. Heading back to town I couldn't stop thinking about it. If Nix at the edge of the blast was made into such a powerhouse... what about Bertrand? The guy at the dead center.

Nix: I had to show that to somebody just to prove it was real. Figured the Demon would understand.

Cole: We're gonna get Bertrand, Nix.

Nix: Oh, I know. It's just that... Look, I gotta go punch something, been driving that damn boat too long, you know?

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