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inFamous 2 Walkthrough Part 22: Transferring Power

Check out this inFamous 2 walkthrough and beat "Transferring Power" with this online demo.


Zeke: Hey, guys, got some good news. It's time we huddle up.

Hey, Cole, thought that was you.

Cole: What's up, man?

Nix: So we are all here. What's the big secret, Zeke?

Zeke: It is official. The Transfer Device is somewhere in Fort Philippe.

Cole: Hey, you okay?

Nix: Little girl just pissed because Bertrand copied her powers unto a bunch of nobodies.

Kuo: It's got to be destroyed. We need to destroy it.

Nix: What? No, no. No way. We keep it for ourselves, rip off the powers from everybody else. Yeah?

Kuo: You don't understand.

Nix: I don't understand what, bitch? That you feel used and violated by a machine?

Kuo: You know what? I have known you five minutes and I am sick and tired.

Cole: Break it, use it, it doesn't matter if we don't get the damn thing.

Now listen to me, Fort Philippe is huge. It's going to take an army to get in there, cover the exits, and sweep the interior.

Kuo: We could team up with Laroche and his men.

Nix: Yeah? Why they going to help us?

Kuo: Textbook "Hearts and Minds" campaign. We give them something they really need.

Nix: Yeah. Like my foot up they ass?

Kuo: Like food, like shelter, like... like antibiotics. I haven't seen any Militia suffering from the plague.

Cole: Bertrand must be hoarding all the meds.

Kuon: Then that is what we give to Laroche.

Zeke: I made a map of all the Militia patrols, maybe it will help you find the stash.

Kuo: I would love to see that.

Zeke: Come on.

Kuo: Perfect.

Cole: Good work, Kuo.

Kuo: This is great. You guys, this is going to work.

Nix: What? Give away medicine, man? No, no, no. That's just going to make those folks stronger. We need them angry and dependent on us.

Cole: And how are we going to do that?

Nix: I say you dress me up like one of those Militia guys and I go on an ass kicking spree.

Cole: You mean a massacre.

Nix: Whatever, man. Then you swoop in and save the day. You'll be a hero to those idiots. What you think, baby?

Cole: I think you're crazy.

Nix: I think you like it.

So you picked me over Kuo, yeah? I knew you wanted to have some fun, baby.

Cole: Sure as hell not giving up to get people to worship me by handing out medicine.

Nix: No, it's going to take blood, baby.

Cole: You do know guns tend to blow up when I touch them.

Nix: Keep your hand to yourself and let me pull the trigger.

Cole: I could fry their communications, give you a little more time with your boyfriend over there.

Nix: I could get me a Militia outfit, make you look like a hero.

Cole: Oh, she's freaky.

Hey, Zeke, you know where the communications hubs are on Fort Philippe?

Zeke: Sure do. I'll mark them down on your phone.

Man 1: MacGrath's in the base! Heads up!

Cole: Nice.

Okay. Nix, hope you found a Militia outfit because we are good on my end.

Nix: Hello, baby. Who gets it first?

Cole: All right, I saw some big fuel tanks out there, you blow them up. The Rebels will be here in no time.

Nix, I'm wired into the fort's P.A. Check this out.

Attention, Rebel idiots. Put down your weapons and surrender. The Militia will not tolerate this kind of disobedience.

Crawl back to your holes, perverts and accept the facts. The Militia's the new authority and there is something that you, or anyone else in this city can do about it.

As of this moment, anyone anywhere identified as a Rebel will be on sight. Anyone found harboring a Rebel will be shot. Hell, if you're a Rebel, we're going to shoot your pets.

Animal cruelty, that'll piss them off.

Nix: That's right. Come to Mama! Who's the freak now? Yeah!

Cole: Looks like the Militia finally arrived. I'm going to head down there.

Nix: It's time time to end this. I'm going to go crazy with the turret. You shut it down.

Cole: You going to be okay?

Nix: Don't worry about me. Just kill the turret. You'll be a hero!

Man 2: MacGrath take out that thing! It's killing us.

Cole, destroy the turret please!

Man 3: The electric Man's on our side! Kill them all!

Man 4: Nice work, Cole!

Man 5: Go, MacGrath! Kill the Militia.

Laroche: MacGrath, this is Laroche. I cannot thank you enough for stepping in when you did.

Cole: It was nothing.

Loruche: Militia started shooting at people for sport! Yet, they claim to be our protectors? Tell you what, together we must force them from Forth Philippe and out of Ascension Parish.

Cole: I'm in. I mean, hell what kind of man would I be if I just sat back and watched?

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