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inFamous 2 Walkthrough Part 24: Storm the Fort (2 of 2)

Check out this inFamous 2 walkthrough and beat "Storm the Fort" with this online demo.


Kuo: That's the last turret on the north end. I'm going to head inside to help look for the Transfer Device.

Cole: Hey, Zeke--

Zeke: Yeah, I see it. The closest transformer's over near the construction yard. I'll send you the position.

Cole: Alright. Thanks, man. Okay, here we go. One more. Ha! We're back in business.

Nix: Cole baby, you ready to cripple these boys?

Cole: I almost feel sorry for these guys. Almost.

Zeke: We're getting pounded by mortars out here.

Nix: Come on, Demon!

Kuo: Guys, we found the Transfer Device! The boys have wheeled it out for a big bonfire. I'm going to enjoy watching this thing burn.

Nix: How's it work?

Kuo: Power it on, you strap yourself in, and suffer while it rips your insides out.

Cole: Oh! Blast Core. Ha! Strap me in.

Nix: Yeah. . .

Kuo: Whoa, wait a second. I thought we were going to talk about this, Cole.

Nix: You want a new power, how about one of mine? How about I get one of yours, huh?

Kuo: No.

Cole: Hey, you got to admit, it makes sense to swap powers. The stronger we are as a team, the more we get done. Look at what we did today.

Nx: Bigger is better.

Kuo: This is, this is not. . .

Cole: Alright, hey, Nix and I will swap powers, and then we'll destroy it. I promise.

Kuo: No! No, if you're going to swap powers with anyone, it needs to be me.

Nix: You pick her and we're through, man.

Kuo: If you pick her. . . I have no choice, Cole. I have to hunt you down like a criminal.

Cole: ...Women. It's about time we swapped more than words.

Nix: Hell yeah.

Kuo: You fools! You think this is going to help? I. . . I. . . look what it did to me. I am a freak, do you think I wanted this?

Nix: This is all kinds of kinky.

Kuo: I had a life. I had a real life.

Cole: You ready for this?

Nix: Yeah.

Kuo: Enjoy the hell you two are about to create together!

Cole: Let's get it on.

Nix: Alright.

Cole: Hang in there.

Zeke: Somebody shoot that chopper. It's coming for Bertrand! Bastard was hiding out in the South Wing!

Cole: Bertrand! Okay, Nix.

Man: She took off after the chopper. Thing went down pretty hard and ol' Bertrand's on the run.

Cole: Did she get any of my powers?

Man: Nope, thing just blew up. But hey, you know, it was worth a shot.

Man: No, no, no, please.

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