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inFamous 2 Walkthrough Part 27: The Dunbar Beam

Check out this inFamous 2 walkthrough and beat "The Dunbar Beam" with this online demo.


Cole: Guys, what's up?

Zeke: Oh, man. You showed up just in time. We're in a bad way here, brother.

Cole: Bad way? I thought we found a cure for the plague?

Laroche: Hell, there ain't no cure. Near everybody in Flood Town is dying of it. Look, all we're trying to do out here is ease their pain before they check out. Only trouble is, anyone trying to pass through town gets jumped before they reach us. Damn swamp monsters!

Zeke: I set up some new defenses around the camp. We ain't got near enough juice to get them going. Hoping you could help us with that.

Cole: I'm gonna sure as hell try.

Zeke: Here we go! Something out there just tripped a motion sensor. You ready to get to it?

Cole: I'm on my way. Hey, I'm getting close.

Zeke: Good. You're looking for the spotlight I mounted on the roof.

Cole: All right, found it. Now what the hell do I do with it?

Zeke: Shine it on swamp monsters, burn them to dust. What else?

Cole: You know it's just a spotlight, right?

Zeke: I do know that. I'm very aware of that. However, it's a killer UV spotlight of Doom. I'm calling it the "Dunbar Beam." Shine it on swamp monsters and you got crispy critters. Anyone else just gets a nice golden brown tan. Maybe a touch of the Melanoma but hell, they're sick already. Oh, man! That's the alarm on the west side!

Cole: Calm down, I'm on it.

Laroche: Oh man, Zeke, this spotlight kicks ass!

Zeke: Yeah! You mean the Dunbar Beam?

Laroche: I'm not going to call it that. We got more bogies on the way!

Cole: Damn it! There's just too many of them!

Laroche: Hang in there, Cole. Save as many as you can. We're counting on you.

Cole: All three sirens? Come on!

Zeke: Guys, this ain't working!

Laroche: You done all you could out there, Cole. Fall back to the camp. Maybe if we all rally together, we can still save this place.

Zeke: Gird your loins, brothers! Here they come!

Cole: Crap! I can't get 'em all!

Zeke: You gotta try! Oh man, now what? Like we didn't have enough troubles. Whoa, whoa, whoa! Hold your fire! They're only attacking the monsters! Hey! Hey, thanks a lot! You guys are all right!

Ice Soldier: We don't want your thanks. We want your Blast Core.

Zeke: What? Y'all got a blast core?

Laroche: I was gonna tell you...

Zeke: Man...We'd sooner die than give it to you freaks!

Ice Soldier: We accept your terms.

Cole: Thanks. Nice choice of words Zeke. Yes! Yeah!

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