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inFamous 2 Walkthrough Part 28: Burning Wells

Check out this inFamous 2 walkthrough and beat "Burning Wells" with this online demo.


Man 1: We're in the clear. You and your partner did some real good here tonight. That Blast Core is yours, after you do me one more little itty bitty little favor. We'll talk again.

Laroche: It's getting a little hard to breath since those ice freaks lit fire to the wells. Hey, you should be near a well cap. If you use that to snuff out the flames. We'd all appreciate it.

Cole: Then we're going to talk about that Blast Core, yeah?

Laroche: Oh, sure, yeah, yeah. Nice job. Now, we only got the one cap and the next well's halfway across Flood Town.

Cole: Oh, fantastic.

Laroche: Bellevue's what they called this neighborhood back before the flood. Lot of memories here. I still love this place.

Cole: Yeah, it's got character.

Laroche: Listen. Listen, I've got to be responsible for these people. I got to consider every angle. These ice men, they're worse than the Militia, they set fire to the wells. Who would do that.

Cole: Giving me that Blast Core will help both of us and now you want to give it to those animals? Have you lost your mind?

Laroche: You done right by us so far. If you can put out these fires, we'll do right by you.

Man 1: We will be whole!

Man 2: Did you see that!

Man 3: You can't win. Flood town is ours! Stay... and die!

Man 4: Call for help! They're hitting the cargo! Fight! Hold that line!

Zeke: This is big, man. Whatever it is.

Cole: You guys caught all that?

Kuo: Loud and clear. Seems like a link between Bertrand and the swamp monsters. We need to investigate that rail yard.

Laroche: I should never have doubted you son. People of Flood Town owe you more than I can say. We all do. You get a chance you might want to visit your buddy Zeke. He's is got a little something for you.

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