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inFamous 2 Walkthrough Part 29: Ray Field Energy

Check out this inFamous 2 walkthrough and beat "Ray Field Energy" with this online demo.


Cole: Whoa! Password for the clubhouse?

Zeke: Yeah. "Don't shoot my ass."

Cole: Don't shoot my ass.

Lucy: Guys. I have got news. I was sitting though the wreckage back at Wolfe's lab, and I found one of his journals. Turns out the RFI, he initially created it to cure the plague.

Cole: What? How?

Lucy: Well, according to Wolfe's analysis the plague is... it's caused by radiation poisoning. Ray Field radiation.

Cole: It's a Ray Field inhibitor.

Zeke: Cole fires it up. Wipes out the radiation.

Lucy: The plague is gone.

Zeke: Hallelujah! Here's the Blast Core we got from Laroche. Maybe this will be enough to fire it up.

Cole: Let's hope so.

Lucy: Zeke how many of those has he absorbed so far? Do you have any idea?

Zeke: I don't know.

Lucy: I just...

Cole: Ray Field radiation is caused by a Ray Sphere blast.

Lucy: Cole, I know what you are thinking.

Cole: What I did in Empire City. I caused the plague.

Zeke: We're gonna cure this thing, brother.

Cole: Yeah.

Lucy: Zeke. Does this happen every time? Is he okay?

Zeke: Don't worry he'll be all right. What? Hey how are you feeling, brother?

Cole: I'm not good. Lets see if I've got enough juice for this thing. A couple more Blast Cores and it should be ready to go.

Zeke: Well, get out there and see what you got. I'll just hold down the fort.

Cole: All right, see you in a bit. Oh yeah. Yeah, that's gonna work out just fine.

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