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inFamous 2 Walkthrough Part 30: Rail Yard Intel

Check out this inFamous 2 walkthrough and beat "Rail Yard Intel" with this online demo.


Kuo: It might be a good time to come back to the freight car Zeke and I wer drawing some plans when Nix showed up and yes, we could use you.

The raids from the ice gang are getting worse, yet Bertrand continues to go to this train yard all the time.

Zeke: Weird. Why would a rich bastard like Bertrand want to get his shoes all muddy in a place like that?

Kuo: I'm still working on that.

Cole: Can't we get him on one of his visits?

Kuo: No. They are completely random.

Nix: I know what he's up to, but she doesn't listen, Cole.

Kuo: Hey Nix, how about you let the grownups talk for a little while? Thank you.

Nix: See, that's what I'm talking about.

Cole: I'm listening. Let's hear it, Nix.

Nix: Okay. You know how Bertrand fights? Well, he got other powers too. Those swamp freaks? They is his!

Cole: You mean the monsters? He's making them.

Nix: Yeah, I've seen them myself. They wild at first, but then he works with them for a while and those monsters are his.

Kuo: So you are saying that they bond with him?

Nix: Yeah.

Cole: What, like a bear and his cubs?

Nix: That's what I'm saying.

Cole: Come on, like Bertrand's their mommy?

Nix: Yeah.

Kuo: Nix, how do you even know any of this?

Nix: I've been there myself. I even tried it out, I got a monster of my very own.

Kuo: You're saying that you have one of these as your pet right now?

Nix: Poor baby, we tried to leave together but the Militia got wise. He died protecting me.

Zeke: Damn.

Kuo: Well, this is all very touching but if what you say is true...

Nik: Wait, wait, wait a second. Are you calling me a liar, Snow White?

Cole: Hey, hey, hey, hey, hey. Enough.

Kuo: If what you're saying is true, Cole, maybe you and I, we should go and we should collect evidence. If we can prove that that whole thing is actually going on we could turn the entire city against Bertrand. Afterwards freeing as many prisoners as we can.

Nix: No. Me and Cole we are going to go and you are going to cover me and I'm going to go bond with them monsters. Just think of the hell we can raise with our army of them things, Cole.

Cole: I need to think this through. You guys be ready to act.

Kuo: Think what? Cole!

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