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inFamous 2 Walkthrough Part 31: Nix’s New Family

Check out this inFamous 2 walkthrough and beat "Nix’s New Family" with this online demo.


Nix: Train yard lookout should be swapping shifts about now. We attack them away from their towers, getting my babies out should be easy.

Cole: You know, pets are a big responsibility.

Nix: No, come on, you'll see! We'll be one big happy family!

You got any family, Cole?

Cole: A younger brother.

Nix: You keep in touch?

Cole: After what I became? I don't know what we'd talk about.

Nix: Yeah, it can be lonely. My family's all gone, used to be six of us. I miss them sometimes. Mama most of all.

Cole: Nix, these creatures won't be anything like that.

Nix: It'll be something.

They're weak outside of the train yard. This is going to be fun!

Torch them, man! That's right! Show them, baby! Bye, bye! Go, man!

Damn. They cutting the power!

Cole: Yeah, that didn't stop me in Fort Philippe. Not going to stop me now. I just need a transformer. Nice, still primed. All right, I'm ready.

Nix: We got more Militia inside. Use that lighting streak thing again. That'll wake them up, man!

Zeke: Better wrap things up out there. You got about a bazillion ice freaks heading your way. With the power out, they must think the place is defenseless.

Nix: They got the monsters in the boxcars up ahead. Hello, babies. Want to come out and play?

Hey, Cole. You better watch my ass! This is going to take some time!

Cole: I still don't get how you bond with those things.

Nix: It's my voice, my scent. Psychic powers. Hell, maybe it's voodoo. I don't know. It just works!

We family now. Always, always protect your family.

Done! Now bring up the power again so we can open them doors!

Cole: All right, let's complete the circuit. Okay, Nix, they're all yours.

Nix: Now we going to have some real fun. Go on, little darlings. It's dinner time! Rip them apart, babies. Go on and run! It's better when you run!

What, it ain't fair? Too damn bad! Plenty of food to go around! Now, man! More screams! I love the screams!

Cole, baby! Fry them, man! That's it! This batch is all mine. Just think of what we can do with my babies, man!

Cole: How about we butcher Bertrand? Wasn't that the plan?

Nix: Nah, nah. First, I'm going back to the swamp. I'm going to spend some quality time with them.

Cole: Quality time? Wow, never would've pegged you as a soccer mom.

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