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inFamous 2 Walkthrough Part 33: The Beast Draws Near (2 of 2)

Check out this inFamous 2 walkthrough and beat "The Beast Draws Near" with this online demo.


Cole: All right, I got him.

Zeke: Just keep painting a target on the Beast and hold the trigger. Cole, watch out! Better deal with these idiots first. We only got one shot at this, man. We can't let anything throw off your aim.

Cole: Okay. Go find some cover. Preferably something lined with lead.

Zeke: I hear that! Better hurry, the Beast's getting close.

That's it! We are go for launch!

Cole: Oh, man. We did it.

Zeke: Looks like we won, all right.

Cole: Zeke? Where the hell are you?

Zeke: The gas pumps.

Cole: Oh, man.

Zeke: Thanks. Hey man, we got him! Damn.

Cole: Jesus, Zeke. You need help.

Zeke: Reminds me of Empire City. When Kessler kicked my ass.

Cole: I ought to kick your ass.

Zeke: Ah, same difference. Hey, brother, I'm in no shape to walk home. Can you clear a path to the truck?

Cole: Hey, wait. I'll hold that up for you. No, no, no way!

Zeke: Sweet Jesus. It ate a nuke. Now it's back for more? If I slow you down, we both die. Just go, man. Live to fight another day.

Cole: Would you shut up and start walking?

Zeke: It kind of look unstable. Like it's going to...

Cole: Yeah, it is. We got to go.

Zeke: It's time to go!

Cole: Oh, crap. Go, go, go.

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