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inFamous 2 Walkthrough Part 35: Powering Up Gas Works (2 of 2)

Check out this inFamous 2 walkthrough and beat "Powering Up Gas Works" with this online demo.


Zeke: Last one, Cole. Make it count. You're right about where I lost the Beast. Strange, him disappearing.

Cole: Oh, I'm sure he'll turn up.

Zeke: So far there are no reports of fallout from the missile we launched. I guess it blew up far enough outside of the city.

Cole: At least we got that. Finally.

Joseph: Mr. MacGrath. How do you like my new security system? There's no way out. It's nothing special, but it'll stop your lighting. Now, bullets? Well, that's another matter.

Cole: It's a pretty elaborate mousetrap, Bertrand. What do you want?

Joseph: I've seen the way the wind's blowing. Been watching my authority bleed away ever since you got here. And now the Beast is in New Marais. I cannot stop that thing by myself. But together, oh together. Well, we'd be heroes.

Cole: Oh, I get it. That sounds real interesting. Only I have a little suspicion that the moment you got your chance, you would stab me in the back. Listen to me, Bertrand. You want me to save your city? You want me to kill the Beast? Get me out of here, and stay the hell out of my way.

Joseph: I wish I had the same faith in your abilities, but if you're not with me, well, you're against me. Boys. There is no place for you in the world, Mr. MacGrath. A Conduit freak with no regard for the natural order. You might have helped me with my mission. God may have forgiven you for what you are. But now all that you are destined for is the damnation that you so richly deserve. Nice work boys. Make sure that nobody finds the body.

Cole: Hey, Nix. I need some help. Right now.

Zeke: I'm coming brother.

Cole: Zeke?

Joseph: Who is this guy?

Zeke: Come on! Yeah! Did you see that? Zeke Dunbar, Man of Action. Booyah. Crap. Okay, we'll get you out of here, don't worry. You okay?

Cole: Yeah. Yeah. Hey, Zeke, I've been treating you like shit. I'm sorry, man.

Zeke: I screwed you over pretty hard back in Empire. Forget it, man.

Cole: No, you've always got my back. Thank you.

Zeke: Look, I don't call you "brother" because I like the way it sounds. I should get outta here. Militia's gonna be here soon.

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