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inFamous 2 Walkthrough Part 36: Forced Conduits

Check out this inFamous 2 walkthrough and beat "Forced Conduits" with this online demo.


Cole: Zeke. I'm at the warehouse. You sure we're going to find a blast core here?

Zeke: I heard it from one of my Militia buddies. They said it was in a crate stamped with a Militia symbol.

Cole: Found a safe in one of the crates.

Zeke: Wooo! This will be the easiest Blast Core we ever got!

Cole: No, no blast cores.

Zeke: Go on, crack it open.

Cole: But I did find some property three other warehouses.

Zeke: Okay, maybe we got the right idea, but the wrong warehouse. Hell, looks like we gotta search them all.

Cole: I got some Blast Shards. Still no Blast Core.

Zeke: Look man, I'm sure there-

Cole: Ice guys are out here in force.

Zeke: They could be after the Blast Core man. Better step it up!

Man 1: We have them! Seal the exits!

Man 2: Now! The gas!

Cole: Zeke, I'm trapped!

Zeke: Okay, okay, just, I don't know, climb! Get outta that crap, man. Blast your way out!

Cole: Nothing.

Zeke: Man, I'm sorry. Look, maybe...maybe we should just call it a day.

Cole: No no, no, no, there is one more warehouse we can try. There has gotta be a reason for all this opposition.

Man 3: Come on boys, protect the merchandise.

Man 4: You're about to die, Sparky! This shipment's going out, boy!

Man 5: Yeah!

Man 6: Bertrand's got a price on his head!

Man 7: What the hell is it?

Man 8: Shoot it! Shoot it!

Man 7: I am shooting it!

Cole: Yes! Yeah! Well, guess what, Zeke?

Zeke: Anything good?

Cole: Oh yeah, we're real happy. Oh, and there's a bonus. Looks like I found Bertrand's briefcase. I thought Bertrand created these monsters simply to win back the respect of New Marais. But no. God, it is so much bigger. I see invoices for forced conduits to be shipped all over the world. Boxed product supermen for sale to any warlord with cash. Unreal. This guy's gonna single handedly start a new arms race. All nations fighting for control of People of Mass Destruction. That's weird though. I mean could this really be just about the money? When the guy just gives it all away? What's he doing? Is he trying to buy respect? Pay his way into Heaven? No, doesn't make sense. Guy like that, he's out to save the world some grand Old Testament kind of way. I'm just not seeing the whole picture yet.

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