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inFamous 2 Walkthrough Part 39: The Face of Change (2 of 2)

Check out this inFamous 2 walkthrough and beat "The Face of Change" with this online demo.


John: I want to show you something. You can see it now. See the plague.

MacGrath: Where are you?

John: Meet me at the plague ward. You need to see it yourself. The plague's spreading, MacGrath. You think it's just in New Maris? It's all over the East Coast, millions are infected. In a few weeks, it'll be worse.

MacGrath: What about the government?

John: They can't stop this, but we can.

MacGrath: How?

John: I'll show you. One of the victims in the plague ward is a potential Conduit. Use the power I gave you. Find her. There she is. Heal her, if you can.

MacGrath: Nothing. These people are already dead. Nothing can be done for them.

John: She's different.

MacGrath: Because of the Conduit gene?

John: I have the power to save her. To activate all our kind, but not without cost.

MacGrath: The Beast!

Woman: Thank you.

MacGrath: What?

John: Humanity is dead. Help me save what I can.

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