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inFamous 2 Walkthrough Part 41: Demons (2 of 2)

Check out this inFamous 2 walkthrough and beat "Demons" with this online demo.


Laroche: We're going to circle around. Get that ugly bastard to follow us. Your buddy Zeke cooked up some do-it-yourself anti-Bertrand missiles. They'll do the job. Trouble is we can't aim them for nothing.

Cole: Sounds about right.

Laroche: Yeah. We need to lead the monster into position to fire the missile. Just try and keep him focused on us.

Zeke: First missile's out.

Laroche: No. What the hell happened?

Zeke: Okay, okay. I think i know what's wrong.

Laroche: Never mind! Cole, can you blow up that missile?

Cole: Come on man, is there anything I can't blow up?

Laroche: That did it.

Zeke: Missile's up.

Laroche: We got him on the ropes. Let's bring him in for the knockout. We got propane tanks all over the battlefield up ahead here.

Cole: I am glad somebody gets my style.

Laroche: Watch your ass. Those things are touchy.

Kuo: New Marais needs this man dead.

Nix: Come on. It's payback.

Cole: Pour it on. Let's finish this.

Nix: Knock them down.

Kuo: You're set up.

Cole: Happy now, Bertrand? Not a Conduit anymore.

Laroche: Well, it took thirty men, seven chainsaws, and twelve pickups, but we finally got that monster's corpse off the street. Thank you, Macgrath. You've been an inspiration.

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