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inFamous 2 Walkthrough Part 42: Death Toll

Check out this inFamous 2 walkthrough and beat "Death Toll" with this online demo.


Zeke: The one walking around with the Blast Core is their leader. He's got them preparing for something.

Cole: All right then. One more Core, and we can use the RFI. Hey!

Zeke: Ah, I'm fine.

Cole: Hey! Let me see. Jesus, why didn't you tell me, Zeke?

Zeke: Ah, You've got enough to worry about. Besides, when you use the RFI, I might be cured, right?

Cole: You don't have that much time.

Zeke: Well then go in there, and get that damn Core. Looks like it's going to be a hell of a storm.

Cole: Yeah, there is.

Zeke: Damn, saw that from here!

Man 1: Stand your ground!

Man 2: Mother of God!

Man 3: 88's dig in, defend the General! Hold him back! Fight, you maggots! The General's watching! He's getting power from the storm! This is bad! Our time is near! We will be whole!

Cole: Ah, he's got the Blast Core.

Man 4: We need this, it's our salvation!

Zeke: He's jumping up the tower. The boy's quick.

Cole: Zeke: they got the Blast Core encased pretty good up here. I think they're using the tower as a lightning rod. Probably saw me cook off one of the other Cores.

Zeke: Wackos probably think it'll juice them up, get them closer to being a normal Conduit.

Cole: Can you help me turn on a vent, or a burner, or something? Something to break through the ice around the Core?

Zeke: One step ahead of you, pal. I'll send you the valve locations as you go. Damn, if the Internet isn't a thing of beauty.

Cole: Yes, it is.

John: MacGrath.

Cole: John? You... you never told me you were the Beast.

John: That name is motivated by fear. Are you afraid, MacGrath?

Cole: Have you seen the new you?

John: We were friends once. I was hoping we still are. I could use your help.

Cole: Friends? Back in Empire City, the Beast almost killed me.

John: I'm so sorry. The act of rebirth was kind of overwhelming. I was nothing but nerves and impulse, just lashing out at whatever I sensed as a threat. And there was no greater threat than you.

Cole: You're right about that.

John: Look, you saw the truth when I cured that woman. There's no other way, I wish there was. Just think about it.

Zeke: Cole, I just found out, the Beast hit the swamp outside Flood Town. They're all dead out there, man. I mean, everyone.

Cole: Isn't that where Nix keeps her pets?

Zeke: All that I knew about.

Cole: john probably thought he could raise them up.

Zeke: Raise them up? What are you talking about?

Cole: I'll tell you later. We got to focus on this Blast Core and getting you healed up.

Man 5: Now! Swarm him! Protect the Core! Incoming!

Cole: Zeke, I got it.

Zeke: Woo! Thank the good Lord. Come on by, we'll spark it up.

Cole: See you there.

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