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inFamous 2 Walkthrough Part 45: The Final Decision (2 of 3)

Check out part 46 of this inFamous 2 walkthrough and beat "The Final Decision" with this online demo.


Cole: Yeah, well. Maybe you shouldn't have killed their pets.

Giant: I didn't mean to attack you back in Empire City. My body was new.

Cole: It's fine. I did shoot first.

Giant: I have control now, consciousness. Sometimes, it's too much. Cole, a large force is gathering up ahead. Too many. I'll have to use a Ray Field blast.

Cole: A warm up before the main show?

Giant: It helps to think of them as being dead already.

Kuo: I got the power back on up ahead.

Cole: Where is he? What did you do to Zeke?

Kuo: Only what I had to.

Cole: Did you kill him?

Giant: Don't lose focus, Cole. This is horrible work, but it is what must be done.

Cole: We're getting hammered.

Giant: Yes. I'll trigger a blast.

Cole: Kuo! You stay here.

Nix: I'm not going to stop, Cole!

Cole: I'd be surprised if you did.

Nix: I trusted you! You going to kill me, Cole? Can you live with that?

Cole: I think I'll manage.

Nix: Damn it, Demon! No, no!

Giant: Cole, where are you? Get back here!

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