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inFamous 2 Walkthrough Part 46: The Final Decision [inFamous 2 Evil Ending]

Check out this inFamous 2 walkthrough and beat "The Final Decision" with this online demo.


Kuo: Can you believe this? Rebels and militia fighting side by side.

Cole: They know they're about to die. What's their rivalry compared to what we're about to do them?

Nix: Damn you.

Kuo: I'll protect John. You go take care of Nix.

Cole: Damn right I will. We don't have to do this, Nix. Come on, join us.

Nix: I'm not letting that thing live another day. Besides, if he makes everyone a Conduit, then what am I? I'll be a nobody again. Thought you were tougher than this. We had some fun, didn't we baby?

Cole: Yeah, yeah Nix, we did, but you picked the wrong side on this one.

Nix: I was so wrong about you.

Cole: Stop fighting. It's over.

Half as long.

Zeke: Twice as bright. I got to try.

Cole: I know.

John: Cole, I can't. I can't do this anymore.

Cole: What? After all this.

John: No. I believe in the plan but I'm so tired. I've had enough killing. I should have died a long time ago.

Cole: John.

John: But I know you. If I gave you the power, you would see it through.

Cole: John transferred his powers into me and then, he just let go. The blast was devastating but worth it. New Conduits had been activated, all of them healed of the plague. We said goodbye to our old lives and got to work mastering our new abilities. There was a job to do. Millions were still infected and all of them would die within weeks. We were living proof that some of the sick could be saved. I could raise them up, creating new Conduits. Sure the odds were only one in a thousand but it was better than nothing. Of course, the rest of the world didn't agree, reacting in the only way they knew how. The plague just sped up the inevitable, an evolutionary jump. Humanity giving way to Conduits. I'd been given powers to save the world from this change, but now I stand at its center. I have become the Beast.

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