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How to Hold a Baby Correctly & Safely

Learn how to hold an infant correctly and safely from parenting coach Tammy Gold in this Howcast baby care video.


Holding your baby is something that's very different for every individual you really need to hold them in a way that is most comfortable for you. The most important thing that you have to remember when holding a baby especially a newborn is to cradle them holding their head and neck up to make sure that the head does not fall too back or too forward. There are few different holds that people prefer when holding a baby you can hold the baby chest to chest, you can hold the baby stomach to stomach on an angel, you can cradle the baby, you can hold the baby in what's call the football hold where you put your hand underneath their chin flip over the baby and pull them out stretch this way sometimes when people are walking around and need another free hand this may be helpful. Some parents have the head lean back against the baby and hold them this way where they put their hands supporting underneath between their legs and hold them this way really as long as the baby is comfortable and you are comfortable and its safe it is important for you to do what ever is the most comfortable so you can do it often. There is nothing that prompts bonding as much as holding and being close to your infant. A lot of parents when their arms get tired like to even put the baby in their lap so you can look right into their eyes this was my most favorite hold with my three daughters because they can grow up and fit right here as they grow and you can look into their eyes you can talk to them, you can hold their hands, you can play with their feet its a wonderful way to be close to the baby and but also see your baby because sometimes in certain holds like this one its hard to really see their whole face. So remember keep their head up and try to hold your baby as much as possible its really crucial for bonding during those first couple months that the baby feel very safe, very secure, and very much attach to mom or day.

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