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How to Help a Baby Turn Over

Learn how to help a baby turn over from parenting coach Tammy Gold in this Howcast baby care video.


So we are gonna talk about how to roll your baby over. Now with young babies under two months you really don't want to have too many times when they're on their stomach; this is because they don't have neck control. So unfortunately if they land on their stomach face forward they could suffocate. But there are many times you have to turn your baby over you may have to get a snap in the back, you may have to apply cream to their back. So when you want to turn them over this is the best way to do it. You always want to hold the baby under their neck so that you have great control of their head and neck. It's very wobbly and you know you could harm the baby if the baby's neck would fall forward or back. You want to hold the baby under their neck and on their legs in generally turn the baby on its stomach. It's really important to remember to gently turn the baby's head to left or right if they are going to be laying down for a long period of time. This is again because a baby doesn't have very good neck control when they are born so they could suffocate. So if they are going to lying down for, for tummy time or for a long period of time you have to turn the baby's head to the left or right so that their airways are completely clear for breathing. And then you would just help even out their back, their back their legs as they get older a two month old baby, a three month old baby they want and need to have tummy time every day. And tummy time is essentially because they spend so much time on their back they need to help stimulate the muscles of their chest and their arms. So you would lift them up kind of teaching them what that feeling feels like their arms and their chest up and down, up and down a few times and their legs up and down so they can get used to being on their stomach for that important tummy time every day. And then when you would have to turn them back again you want to grasp the arm, grasp under the baby, cradle them, gently putting the baby's head down and the body down. Always remember it's really important when you are turning the baby or handling it anytime to have their neck and their chin always supported.

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