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How to Swaddle an Infant (Baby Burrito)

Learn how to swaddle an infant, aka make a baby burrito, from parenting coach Tammy Gold in this Howcast baby care video.


So I’m going to show you how to swaddle a baby. And what you need is a swaddle blanket. And what a swaddle blanket essentially is, is a very bendable long square. And every family will like their particular brand. There’s very thin ones. There’s thicker ones. The hospital usually gives you a lot of swaddle blankets when a baby is born. There’s waffle, different materials or fabrics. You need to pick whichever one is right for your family. You would want to wash the swaddle blanket in a very gentle detergent that’s made for babies before so it’s nice and clean and ready. And to swaddle, the way you get started is putting the square almost diamond shaped, and making a little triangle on one of the top ends. So you take this top like this, and pull it down like this, and this is going to be where the baby’s head is. Then you would bring the baby here. You would hold the baby’s arms down if possible, and you would bring one side all the way over, under the baby’s bottom, and tuck it in really, really tight. Babies love to be super, super tight, because they’re in the womb for all those months feeling very safe and secure. And then they’re out, and their reflexes are very spastic, and sometimes when they have a--their muscle jerks, it wakes them up. So the tighter that you can get them, the more comfortable they will be. So the first side goes under their bottom over from the shoulder down. Then you take this very long piece, and you put that over the opposite shoulder, trying to get it as tight as you can. Then whatever is left is going to be dependent on what type of blanket you use. Some are shorter and some are longer than others. You take this last piece and roll around it the baby making sure, obviously, the nose and the airway is clear, over, and sometimes over, sometimes over again. And then you take whatever is left here, and you can stick it in the very back portion by the shoulder. And this makes the baby very, very tight, safe and secure. So you can swaddle them in this traditional way or there are plenty of products made out there that have swaddles with Velcro’s, with zippers. So if this seems too complicated or it will be too hard, you can go ahead and purchase one of those as well.

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