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How to Handle Diaper Rash

Learn how to handle diaper rash from parenting coach Tammy Gold in this Howcast baby care video.


So this is how to treat your baby if they have a diaper rash. Very quickly, a diaper rash is really a burn from the baby's bowel movement or urine. There's acid in that, and it burns the baby's skin. So what you would look at is a very dark red area of skin that would look very similar to if you had a burn on some place on your body.

So if you had that and you noticed that they have a rash you want to wipe the baby clean. And again, the best thing to do if they're already having that dark red burn is to use something very simple, cotton balls and water, or a diaper wipe like this one because it actually has cream infused in it. Because you don't want to irritate the baby further. So you're going to wipe with the baby wipes. Really clear the area. Pat if possible, not rub, and be very, very gentle.

Then you're going to put loads of diaper cream. And this diaper cream has zinc in it, and that is the key ingredient. Zinc. That helps treat this diaper rash which, again, is a burn. And you want to be as non-stingy as possible here. You want to cover the baby as much as you can with the diaper cream. All the way up to their back so that every part of the area is really covered with this diaper cream and that there's really no chance of missing any area. And then, additionally, you can put more cream on the diaper.

So after the cream is there you would pull this diaper back. And again, you have loads of cream on the baby and on the diaper and you want to change the baby's diaper as often as possible during diaper rash and either use a zinc-based cream or an ointment when the redness begins to disappear to treat diaper rash.

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