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How to Dry a Baby after a Bath

Learn how to dry an infant after a bath from parenting coach Tammy Gold in this Howcast baby care video.


So your baby's just come from their bath, and they are sometimes cold and wet, so you want to dry them as quickly but as comfortably as possible. You would keep as much surface as you can covered, and then make sure each of the areas is dry. So you would dry behind their ears, dry their eyes, dry underneath their neck, where a lot of water can pool and get stuck. You would take the joints of their elbow, because their arm and their tone is very rigid, some water can get trapped and bacteria can get trapped in there. You would pull their arms taut, and dry within the folds. You would dry the whole body, just patting it, not rubbing it very harshly, because children's skin is very very delicate at birth. You would pat behind the knees, where another that water can get trapped, the whole diaper area. And try to keep the baby as comfortable as you can during this time. Dry their head, make sure there's no water going into their eyes, and make sure they're warm and comfortable. And then when they're fully dry, then you would consider adding a cream. A nice time, a wonderful bonding way to get some cream and massage the cream all over the baby's body and make sure they're really feel comfortable and soft before you would put on their pajamas to either go to bed or their clothes to start their day.

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