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How to Clean a Baby's Eyes, Ears & Nose

Learn how to clean an infant's eyes, ears, and nose from parenting coach Tammy Gold in this Howcast baby care video.


So when cleaning your baby's eyes, ears, and nose, you wanna be as gentle as possible. You can use something as simple as a cotton ball and plain water. You would dip the cotton ball and gently press on the eyelid and then inner eye pushing away from the nose toward the baby's ear and two times is usually sufficient. Then you could use a different cotton ball and do the second eye the same way from the inner area by the nose out toward the ear. Then you would get a different cotton ball and you can clean the baby's nose, cheeks, and the rest of their face very carefully making sure the water does not drip into their ear. A lot of doctors will recommend you don't need to do anything with the baby's ears and you should never ever ever put anything in their ears; however, some parents like to clean the ears and if you are going to do that, you would use a gentle Q-tip and just simply clean the area and you can use anything, a plain Q-tip or simple Q-tip with water and just clean the little ridges, the folds behind the baby's ear. Any areas where there are folds in the skin sometimes can collect bacteria. So it is very easy to go around the ear, in the folds, inside if you must. Don't ever worry about the earwax build-ups. The wax will come out on its own or if you do see there is something that you don't like, that's really best left for a doctor. You would never ever want to put anything in the baby's ears, eyes, or nose that you think would need cleaning. That's really best handled by your doctor.

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