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How to Pick the Right Baby Bottle

Learn how to pick the right baby bottle from parenting coach Tammy Gold in this Howcast baby care video.


When you go to the baby store, parents can be completely overwhelmed with how many bottles there are. There are every type of bottle, in every single color. And it can be really overwhelming to figure out which bottle's best for my baby. Really, you have to pick and choose a couple. You may use one that your sister liked. Or you may use one that your best friend liked. A lot of the bottles now are all built with some sort of anti-gas chamber. This particular one has a vent. And that helps release some of the air into the baby's stomach. There are also bottles, if you're breastfeeding, that are round and really mimic a woman's breast. Babies like most bottles. If you're having a particular problem with a certain bottle, you certainly can buy a couple and see which one feels best for you to feed the baby. And which one the baby seems to latch onto more easily. And the best way to do this is to buy 3 and see which one works best. There are bottles that are disposable that have a disposable liner so there's less cleaning. You can just throw it away after each use. And then there are bottles with many different parts. Really, what's best for your lifestyle is what's best for your baby because if you're not going to have the time to clean all the parts, and then can't sterilize the bottle, that's not going to best for your baby. A disposable bottle, uh, one that's a twist on cap, that may be easier for you. There are lots of different ones that all do the same purpose, so, again whatever's best and easiest for you that your baby seems to like, will really be best for your baby.

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