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7 Pacifier FAQs

Learn everything you need to know about giving your infant a pacifier from parenting coach Tammy Gold in this Howcast baby care video.


As a parenting expert I'm asked all the time what should I do with a pacifier? As a mother of three and a parenting expert, I will tell you that the pacifier is one of my most favorite inventions. There is nothing wrong with having a pacifier and allowing a baby to do what they need to soothe themselves. When a baby is born the only way it can make itself feel better is by sucking. And unfortunately, you can't and you shouldn't feed your baby all throughout the day. But there is no harm in giving them a pacifier when they're crying or when they want to go to bed. And as they get older you can sprinkle a whole bunch in their crib, and they'll be able to pick up one on their own, and put themselves to sleep. However, when you're introducing a pacifier, it can be a little tricky for them the baby to latch. It's a baby's natural instinct is to thrust the pacifier out with its tongue. And you may need to try a couple different styles until you get the one that you like. This style is called a binky because it has a straight nipple and it's made of one straight piece of silicon so you know that there's no cracks and there's no two pieces that could have bacteria develop in the middle. Most hospitals provide these, and these are called soothies. These are traditional binkies. Again, they have a straight nipple. And they have a ring and some bent holes here so it doesn't get water that pools up around the pacifier, and babies are able to breathe. And then there's also orthodonically approved pacifier. And they have a shaped nipple that allows the shape of the baby’s mouth not to form in a round line like the binkies. However, studies show that really, pacifiers do not delay speech, and if not used round the clock to the age of six, they're really not going to have a terrible effect on a child's dental palate. I think pacifiers are a wonderful way to soothe children, especially infants. As you get older, you wean them away just like you would as a bottle. But for an infant it's a wonderful to soothe them and calm them when they're upset.

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