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How to Clean a Baby's Teeth

Learn how to clean a baby's teeth from parenting coach Tammy Gold in this Howcast baby care video.


So we are going to be cleaning your baby's teeth. As soon as your baby gets teeth you can clean them. They may come in one or two, or they may all come in at once. But once they start eating solid foods, even just formula, there's sugar that deposits on the baby's teeth and you're going to want to clean that sugar off just like you would your own teeth. There are many different ways to clean a baby's teeth. You can get a very small toothbrush, one that fits in the baby's mouth; there are toothbrushes that you can actually put on your finger, and then you put it in the baby's mouth. Or you could simply put some toothbrush on your finger and clean the baby's teeth that way. The most important thing is to use a toothpaste made for babies that is fluoride free. And that's because fluoride is not something a baby can swallow; it would be dangerous if they did. So you have to have fluoride free so if they do swallow some of the toothpaste, which they do, it's safe for them. So you open up their mouth and simply rub the toothpaste on the teeth on the top and on the bottom. And if you had a toothbrush or your finger or baby toothbrush you would first use the toothbrush then you would rinse with water and then clean the baby with just water at the end because they're too little to swish around and clean on their own. It's really important to start when they're young so babies get used to you cleaning their teeth. If you start much later, they could fight you on it. But soon when they're able to hold you can give them a toothbrush and they can start playing with it; it's also a great distraction when you're changing their diaper. It's a great way to teach your baby good dental health now and hopefully for the future.

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