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How to Use an Aspirator to Remove Mucus from Nose & Throat

Learn how to use an aspirator (bulb sucker) to remove mucus from an infant's nose and throat from parenting coach Tammy Gold in this Howcast video.


So, your baby has a stuffy nose and they're probably very upset and you're upset that they have a stuffy nose cause it's terrible to see your baby coughing and acting very upset cause they're stuffed up. So, the best thing to do for a baby during that time is to help remove the mucus in the nasal passages. And the way you do that is with simple saline spray. This is a saline spray made especially for babies. You would never give a baby an adult spray like an Afrin because that's actually a decongestant. All this is is saline and water and all it does is help flush the mucus out of the body and out of the nose cavity of the baby naturally.So, your baby's not going to particularly love this but what you want to do is hold your baby leaning back a little bit and use the saline and squeeze usually two to three times in each nostril. Some parents like to use an aspirator and those are those bulb-shaped syringes that you get from the hospital. They can get them at the hospital, you can buy them at Toys R Us, they even have battery-powered aspirators. And what you do there is you push all the air out and after the saline, you put it in baby's nose, releasing it in the air, sucks the mucus out. Now, a lot of moms and dads are very nervous to use those aspirators cause they feel that the baby's nose is little and it's going to hurt them. If you're nervous to use an aspirator, you can again just use the saline and you can use it several times a day. You would put it in each nostril. The baby's going to cry and cough it out. Take a tissue and close the baby's nose to help relieve some of the mucus, wait a few minutes, hold the baby, and then do two or three squirts on the other side. Again, you're not hurting them, it's just saline and water, it's just gonna help relieve the mucus and help them breathe better.

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