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What Baby Supplies Do You Need for a Newborn?

Learn about the baby supplies you need to take care of an infant from parenting coach Tammy Gold in this Howcast baby care video.


So, your baby comes home from hospital and what do you need? You will need a couple of basic items. You are going to need newborn diapers, you are going to need diaper cream, you are going to need baby bath and baby soap to bathe the newborn because their skin is more delicate than our skin. You can have special detergents that are made that are milder when washing their clothes. You are gonna need little clippers to clip their nails, um, and you are gonna need a wardrobe of clothes, three or four items each to keep baby warm. Short-sleeve shirts, long-sleeve shirts, blankets, bibs. You are gonna need essential clothing and pieces of items for the baby such as anything pertaining to bath, and bathing and feeding. A couple of bottles, a couple of pacifiers until you figure out what exactly you need. But when you first come home, diaper, diaper cream, clippers, a thermometer; it's always good to have Tylenol on hand and one or two outfits that would get you through to the next stage.

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