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How to Create a Stimulating Environment for a Baby

Learn how to create a stimulating environment for an infant from parenting coach Tammy Gold in this Howcast baby care video.


Creating a stimulating environment for your baby is very important, but it's very easy to do, because the most stimulating thing you can give your baby is you. Talking to your baby, singing to your baby, looking at your baby is the best way to stimulate them, and really help them bond, grow and learn. Simple talking to the baby is a great way for them to learn, because they love nothing more than to listening to your caregiver's voice. There's also so many toys that help babies. Anything with dark or light patterns because at birth babies do not see very well, and they can only see black and white initially. Anything that you can put near the crib as long as it's far away from their face, or when they're sitting in their little bouncy seat, this will be very appealing for them to look at. Anything with bright colors and bright patterns will be terrific. Another way to stimulate your baby is to put a little mirror next to them. Just as they love to look at you, they love to look at themselves. So hanging a mirror in their crib, putting a mirror by their bouncy seat, or even pushing a stroller next to a mirror is a wonderful way for the baby to look at themselves, and even you talking to them or singing to them in a mirror. I have used this mirror many times as an expert and with all three of my girls. I sang to them. I talked to them. It's a wonderful way to hold your baby, but also be able to see them while you're holding them by simply standing up and facing a mirror. There's a whole myriad of things that you can buy, but sometimes the most simple toys and a great caregiver can provide the most stimulating environment for a baby.

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