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Diaper Bag Must-Haves for Your Baby

Learn what baby items you must have in your diaper bag from parenting coach Tammy Gold in this Howcast baby care video.


Chances are, if you got a baby, you either got, as a present, a diaper bag or went out and bought one. So what do you put in a diaper bag? Obviously, when you're going out, you need your on-hand supplies for a baby. Number one, diapers, so you'll need your diapers, you'll need wipes and any diaper cream that the baby may use to prevent diaper rash.

Then it's always good to have on hand, sanitizer to wash your hands, before and after a diaper change. Little baggies to put a diaper, in case there's no garbage. A change of clothes in case the baby gets food on their outfit or unfortunately, has an accident that leaks through the outfit. There's always wonderful things to pack, in case of an emergency, an extra bottle, an extra can of formula, bibs. If it's a young baby, you want to always have a blanket if you need to lay the baby down.

And then you could always do a small bottle of Tylenol in case, god forbid, the baby should have a fever and you're far away from home. So formula, change of clothes, diaper cream, diaper wipes, sanitizer, bib and burp cloths are the most important essentials when going out for a baby and packing a diaper bag. If you live in a hot, sunny climate, then a baby's hat, sunglasses and some sunscreen would also be important.

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