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How Much Should a Newborn Baby Eat?

Learn how much a newborn should eat from parenting coach Tammy Gold in this Howcast baby care video.


Deciding how much a newborn should eat can be very confusing for a family. Some parents are told give them a half an ounce. Other parents are told have two ounces when a baby comes home from the hospital. It really depends all on your infant and your feeding style. If a mom is breast feeding on demand, there's no way to really ascertain how much that baby should be eating, because the mom is just feeding the baby every time the baby needs to eat. So that could be as, you know, as much as a half ounce at a feed or two or three ounces, depending on how much milk the mother is producing. If you're strictly bottle feeding, the rule is usually between half an ounce or as much as two ounces. You will know how much your baby needs by how much they take in their bottle. If they drink a lot and they're spitting a lot up, generally at each feed you know it's too much volume. So if you stick between the guidelines of a half an ounce to up to two ounces when they're very, very young, that's the best way to be safe. And you can always generally add more food if you notice that the baby is crying more after the feed, or not making it to the next feeding time. So speak to your doctor, log down if you're bottle feeding how much they're eating per day, and really be in touch with what the baby's needs are so you can figure out exactly how much they need at that time.

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