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How to Help a Crying Baby

Learn how to figure out why your baby is crying from parenting coach Tammy Gold in this Howcast baby care video.


So your baby's crying. What should you do to help them. There are certain basics that you start with when your baby's crying, the easy ones first. Is your baby too hot? Babies can't self-regulate their temperature and sometimes they're just too bundled.

They become very hot and they start crying. Are they too cold? Do they have a dirty diaper? If so you need to change it. Are they hungry? If so you need to feed them. They may be between meals but a little ornery. You can try giving them a pacifier. You can try rocking your baby, taking them for a stroll or ride in the car, simply swaying with them. Distracting them with sound and music may also help them from crying. If their crying is unusual where you think it's some sort of pain, or very sudden in its onset, that could be something more and you'd want to speak to your doctor about it.

But typically the main things that make babies cry are being too hot, too cold, dirty diaper, not enough stimulation. Maybe they want to be picked up and held. Too much stimulation. Maybe they want to be put down and get some quiet time. Or they need a little stroll, change of environment or a pacifier and loving to make them feel better again.

Chances are if you try one of those things one of them will help stop your crying baby.

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