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How to Soothe a Colicky Baby

Learn how to soothe a colicky infant from parenting coach Tammy Gold in this Howcast baby care video.


Dealing with a colicky infant can be very trying. I know this as an expert but also as a Mom of 3 colicky babies. Typically colic is defined as crying for several hours a day for many days at once. And when they're crying they're generally inconsolable. So what can you do during this time to get the baby to be settled and also to settle your nerves?

You can hold the baby. You can rock the baby. You can try to relieve their discomfort. Sometimes coli is caused by gas so burping or gas drops. That may relieve their crying. Sometimes a change of environment, changing the babies clothes, putting them in a bath. Sometimes a big change of environment will distract the baby from whatever is upsetting them. Sometimes, neurologically, it causes colic because the baby has a long day and at the end of the day just like a computer hardwires a baby just has too much stimulation and goes into a colic crying jag. In that situation going into a quiet room, talking to the baby in a quiet manner will really help.

Also, holding the baby very tight, rocking the baby, putting it on its side and exposing it to white noise - a fan, a purifier, even a caregiver saying "Shh" . Any kind of soft repetitive noise will really help calm the baby. Do whatever you can to get through those times. A pacifier is helpful, a ride in a stroller, a drive in the car. If you're calm your baby will be calm. And after several hours of crying any caregiver will tense up. So try to give yourself a few minutes and think of all the things that we discussed that you can do to calm your colicky baby so that they calm down and you in turn calm down as well.

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