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What You Can Learn from Your Baby's Poop

Find out what you can learn about a newborn baby's health from infant poop from parenting coach Tammy Gold in this Howcast baby care video.


Babies poop a lot. And poop can be very confusing to parents, because all different babies can different types of poop, depending on if they're breast fed, if they're bottle fed, and if they're having certain issues with their stomach. Breast fed babies' poop typically looks like a grainy mustard color, and it may not be a lot, but there may be a little present at every single diaper change. On the other hand, bottle fed babies are a very dark brown color, and they may only go to the bathroom one time in a week. It may be completely formed, and the breast fed maybe completely liquid, but they could be babies who are the exact same age, and very similar. There's really no rhyme or reason to the shape or the consistency. If there's a change in your baby's bowl habits, that's when you need to do something. If you always had a baby with a shade of color that was yellow, and all of a sudden it's changed suddenly to green, you probably want to call your doctor. If you always had a baby that went to the bathroom regularly and suddenly they're not and you're noticing that the stool is very round and hard, that's usually the sign of constipation, and you'll want to call your doctor. These can be changed by adding a new food, powder formula that's not mixed enough. A breast feeding baby could be reacting to something that the mother ate. It's not exactly what the poop looks like that can be worrisome, but really a drastic change in what's happening. So, logging when they go to the bathroom, how often they go to the bathroom, will be really be helpful should this change occur. It's not a pleasant thing to notice, but it's something you need to notice, should something occur. And you need to be able to get that information to your doctor.

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