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How to Spot Baby Vision & Hearing Problems

Learn how to spot infant vision and hearing problems from parenting coach Tammy Gold in this Howcast baby care video.


It can be difficult to spot hearing and vision problems in your baby. When your baby is born they really can’t see well. They really can only see black and white, and soon they can see primary colors such as red. You want to be concerned if as your baby is growing older they’re not responding to any kind of visual and auditory format. If you say their name, they should look at you, or as they get older, turn to you. The way you can test this is you can do what is called tracking. You can take an object or even your finger, put it in the midline of your baby’s eyesight and pull it either way to see if your baby is tracking your finger or the object. That will help spot visual problems. If you want to test for auditory problems, you can stand on both sides of your baby one at a time, snap, clap, make a sound, called their name, and see if your baby reacts by turning or looking at you. If you do the tracking visually, and you do the tests for auditory awareness, and you notice that your baby is not responding, you would want to go to your doctor very quickly and assess if there is a problem in either area.

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